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27 Апр / 2017
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NexGen Technologies L.L.C, (www.nexgen.ae), Leaders in providing time and attendance solutions pronounces their SPRINTER FR 100 Touch Screen, Face Recognition, Fingerprint, RFID Card, Pin Code Time Attendance and Access Control System and work Force Direction product to help Companies in UAE to reduce the time-intensive administrative burden in handling their people’ work hours and monitoring job costs. Waleed Himayat, Sales & Marketing Executive of NexGen Technologies L.L.C said, «SPRINTER FR 100 uses cutting edge Biometric & Face Recognition technology, we developed based on technical knowledge, expertise and years of experience in UAE marketplace. The procedure for handling time and capturing is generally very cumbersome and the time needed figuring out job costs and payroll for people is prohibitive. greek lemon chicken and potato bake With SPRINTER FR 100, Companies in UAE can get the information in their work force in a timely manner fulfill their reporting needs more readily and to better manage their work spaces. The return on investment can be especially noted in the simple gathering information for internal and external reporting requirements. Organizations can fulfill their aim of having exact information at our fingertips.» Sprinter FR 100 Sprinter FR 100 is a brand new product would work for Building and equipped with elegant layout case Firms, factory, hotel, hospital, bank etc. Our new Face Recognition & Biometrics algorithm makes it quickly, accurate and dependable. Besides Face Recognition, it supports Pin and Fingerprint Code alternatives. п»ї

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It supports information to be accumulated using LAN, WAN, RS 232/485,, a Flash drive GPRS and Wifi. Characteristics: Support buycheapsoftware Facial, fingerprint, card(optional) & password identification approaches High definition Infrared camera enables user id in environment that is dark 4.3 TFT touch screen, elegant layout & interface 6 user defined function keys, easy operation Straightforward connectivity through LAN cable, built in Wifi or GPRS communication (Elective) -central commanding Work code, SMS, Web server(Optional) Supporting various presence systems: Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Card(elect), Password Network & Stand Alone Gear Visual instruction on Color LCD Supporting Time & Attendance Alternative that is Complete. Built in Backup battery(optional) About NexGen Technologies L.L.C. NexGen Technologies is an Information Technology business in the helm of Middle East technological evolution, dedicated to supply high quality and reliable IT products and solutions to Africa and the Middle East. The firm backed by IT professionals and is located in the center of Dubai with a combined experience of over 12 years in the Middle East IT industry. Todays we are among the perfect world-wide supplier of whole IT, Biometric, Enterprise Application and Security Solutions having number of leading international customers more than that we are enlarging provide 24/7 and complete IT solution all over globe Customer Service. MISSION: To sustain customer reliance and our credibility so they believe no hassle to handle the Firm. Our company mission is simple — we aim to attain excellence in all aspects of our business, that is to say technical excellence through commitment to high quality products while staying flexible enough to accommodate the demand to shift.

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Commercial excellence with an emphasis accompanies technical superiority on being value for money alternatives and customer and market driven. We’re committed to supplying important Industry Standard alternatives, based on’state of the art’ technology to the UAE marketplace. Our end goal is always to supply managed services and solutions to a rapidly growing customer base. In short, our commitment is always to supply the UAE market with the greatest levels of service, products and support — QUALITY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

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