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08 Дек / 2019
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The Winchester Algorithm

Furthermore, she learned the larger dimensional math of William Thompson (Lord Kelvin), and William Rowan Hamilton.

Thompson (1824-1907) theorized the existence of “Vortex Atoms.” They are perhaps maybe maybe not atoms into the sense that is ordinary but rather act like tiny, sub-atomic “whirlpools,” resonating and extending in a variety of modes of symmetry in a huge greater dimensional foam or ether. Just exactly What Thompson had been explaining (almost one and a half hundreds of years ago) had been, basically, the mechanics of what exactly is now called “String Theory.” The basic problem utilizing the Vortex Atom (as we now know) is, theoretically, it functions being a “blob.” in an effort become self-consistent, the blob will have to resonate in the rate of light—which we currently understand can be an impossible feat for the blob-like framework to execute. Nevertheless, it had been later demonstrated that the structure that is string-like resonate during the rate of light—hence, “String Theory” as opposed to “Blob Theory.”

The larger dimensional atomic concept associated with second area of the nineteenth century needed a greater dimensional model of math to spell it out its functions. Thompson never ever completely accomplished that end. Nevertheless, the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton formulated something where the symmetries regulating wave function in four dimensional room could be revealed.
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