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06 Фев / 2020
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The current note is an endeavor to augment past argument regarding the hypothesized parental hormonal antecedents of mammalian offspring sex ratios. It’s meant that a audience who has got read both this paper and my past paper must certanly be aware of all data regarding the hypothesis James WH (1996), J Theor Biol 180, 271–286.


It was hypothesized that the sexes of offspring of mammalian (including human) parents are causally linked to the hormones levels of both moms and dads all over period of conception. We first made such an indication in James (1980 ). Inside their report on mammalian intercourse ratios, Clutton?Brock and Iason (1986 ) had written ‘in view of. the obvious not enough hereditary variance into the intercourse ratio, a hormone procedure mediated by ecological factors operating either at conception or throughout the individual’s development seems to be the absolute most most likely description of intercourse ratio variation’.
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