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22 Окт / 2019
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BERLIN (Reuters) — a film in the Berlin movie event that appears at how Islamic State fighters recruit young women that are european highlights the hazards of employing the world wide web, the actress into the starring part told Reuters.

When you look at the movie “Profile”, Uk journalist Amy Whittaker goes undercover to investigate the workings for the militant team by creating a fake Facebook profile and pretending to be always a Muslim convert called Melody Nelson.

She pops up by having an address tale, disguises her tattoo, learns a little bit of Arabic and dons a hijab. On the coming days she spends hours chatting online to a state that is islamic called Bilel, with who she makes curry via video clip website website website link within one scene, and gradually discovers by by herself being interested in him.

“It’s dangerous for us all become online because there’s therefore much use of everything,” stated Valene Kane, who plays Amy. “You can fundamentally do such a thing on the internet and we suppose that’s just what the movie shines a light on, this «» new world «» that we are now living in.”

“It’s not merely Syria — it is all over. Folks are being manipulated into various circumstances aided by the privacy to be on the internet and achieving an avatar or whatever it really is which they use to express on their own,” Kane stated.

Bilel, whom when you look at the movie is initially from London and defines their work in Syria as “killing people”, guarantees the girl he knows as Melody he will treat her just like a queen and obtain her a pet.
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