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20 Ноя / 2019
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He added that among the detainees «are the decision-makers’ entire grid przestępczej.Żaryn noted that» corruption is focused on people, performing clerical functions «and not the judges themselves, although — as he admitted -» one of the detainees was the president of the court. » «This crime does not touch their professional judges, but serious abuses on the part of people who organize the work of the courts,» — said Żaryn.Jak explained the preceder crime lay in the fact that the organized group «used the» immovable courts «putting it to specific companies «that were» contractors orchards. » «I ask them some services, which in fact never took place, and even though the money was paid,» — said Żaryn.Żaryn pointed out that those involved in this practice work with «full knowledge» of what they do, as evidenced by the fact that directors arrested by the CBA, testified that they were corrupting, «to be able to continue this practice,» he said .As Zaryn, the group operated in at least ten courts in the southern Polish and the important role he served as the appellate court in Krakow. «Extorted a total of 35 million zł.» — calculated spokesman. «One of the main suspects and detainees in this case is b. The director of the court from which started this thing,» — said Zaryn and pointed out that «the judge was co-founded criminal network around the court.» «Often, his family, and some friends formed the company, which was used to drain the assets of the court» — he stressed. «Compani
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