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17 Мар / 2020
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We co-signed on an auto loan with my partner, now I want to have my name removed that we are no longer together. He’s got had the automobile a now and has been on his job over an year, but he won’t do the refinance to have my name removed, and i would like to know if there is something legally that i can do to have my name removed year.

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You aren’t going to like the response — the way that is only get the title from the loan would be to have the mortgage reduced. Unless there clearly was fraud involved (and from your own description there was clearlyn’t), the lending company is not planning to allow you to from the hook. The lender desires the maximum amount of security as it can certainly get. That is why you co-signed into the beginning.

Whenever you can persuade your ex lover to refinance, that’s an alternative choice. After you, unfortunately if he stops making payments, the lender will come.

Whose title is in the motor vehicle name? If it is you both, your ex partner will have a reason to refinance. Make sure he understands you are going to just take your title from the name as he refinances the mortgage in his title alone.

The OP asks this question that is follow-up

Being that my partner ended up being just capable of getting the automobile as a result of me personally co-signing would a quitclaim really work?

Your position is on the hook that you run the risk of your ex defaulting, leaving you.
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