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17 Фев / 2020
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Practicing some of those countries, communities inflict emotional and pains that are physical ladies. Most times the methods unconsciously promote physical violence against females and place women in also sub-standard roles.

On the list of Efik and Ibibio individuals of Cross Rivers state— a state situated on the south eastern element of Nigeria, mbodi (bride fattening) is really a cutural practice. Mbodi is really a rite of passage which topic ladies of marriageable age to endure the entire process of human body fattening. In many situations, mbodi matches circumcision. The fattening procedure involves the forceful feeding of would-be brides to ensure they are fat.

A fat woman is considered beautiful and presentable to the husband in these cultural communities.

Bride fattening is performed inspite of the effects Mbodi training is wearing the wellness of the women. It frequently results in obesity and place feamales in other health that is dangerous. “i did son’t would you like to have the confining and fattening procedure but my uncle forced me personally to do so, I cried through. The circumcision had been particularly painful.
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