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21 Янв / 2020
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From within the wood pulpit at numerous Mormon congregations and seminars, church leaders have actually talked usually about intercourse — and very nearly solely about chastity.

Making love before marriage, they warn, is “a severe sin.” Putting on clothing that is modest the “foundation stone” of abstinence. Users should get a handle on their ideas and get away from pornography to keep up their “moral cleanliness.” Those dating and single must not be involved in “passionate kissing” or lying in addition to another individual, with or without clothing.

“Please, never say: ‘Who does it harm? Why not a small freedom? I will transgress now and repent later on.’ Please don’t be so silly and thus cruel,” apostle Jeffrey R. Holland stated within an October 1998 talk on “personal purity.” “. You operate the terrible danger of such religious, psychic harm that you could undermine both your wanting for physical intimacy along with your power to offer wholehearted devotion to a later on, truer love.”

Their point happens to be repeated by bishops and stake presidents and apostles within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for years. Then-apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin noted in 1991 that “the Lord has not revoked what the law states of chastity,” and apostle David A.
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