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15 Ноя / 2019
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ATLANTA (AP) _ A former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader whom claims that Dennis Rodman provided her herpes is only the woman that is latest to attempt to make the most of their fame and fortune, the NBA player has testified

Three to four ladies a 12 months falsely declare that Rodman fathered their children, hoping to get money, he told a federal jury wednesday. Some women were said by him, like ex-cheerleader Lisa Beth Judd, exaggerate their romances with him.

«i believe it goes combined with the image? of a baseball celebrity, he stated.

Judd, of Orange County, Calif., is suing Rodman for unspecified damages. She claims he infected her with vaginal herpes once they had intercourse on Jan. 14, 1993.

Herpes is definitely an incurable condition that is sent by intimate contact. A March 1993 blood test suggests that Rodman was confronted with the herpes virus, but Rodman denies that he has got ever endured the blisters that are painful mark herpes.

Today, Rodman’s solicitors called an Atlanta physician whom stated he discovered no proof that Rodman had a transmittable kind of herpes.

«We haven’t seen any such thing into the medical records? to show that, said Dr. Gary Greenhood, whom methods medicine that is internal.

He stated Judd’s records do indicate she is contaminated.

Rodman, 34, whom plays when it comes to San Antonio Spurs, described himself as being a delicate man whom didn’t desire to be in a significant relationship due to the pressures of their work.
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