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12 Фев / 2020
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Having my butt licked, sucked and fuc**ed is one of several top things we love. Everyone loves the feelings to be spread available, I really like the crazy feelings of getting somebody stimulate my ass and I also love anal orgasms.

Luckily for us in my situation, my boyfriend really loves anal in which he jumps during the potential for having fun with my butt whenever i would suggest it. But, it ended up beingn’t always similar to this. We actually never ever went near my butt it wasn’t until an one-night stand licked my ass ( ass licking story ) that We actually started initially to try out my body.

Many people have not experienced an anal orgasm (female or male) and after this I would like to share my experiences and the thing I do in order to accomplish this amazing feeling.

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My Very Very First Anal Orgasm (Story Time)

Before I experienced my very first anal orgasm it wasn’t like I had never really had anal intercourse before, of course, I’d plus it had experienced great but we never ever felt extremely near to an orgasm, it simply felt good.
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