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26 Авг / 2019
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This program is the follow-up to Logical Communication — a course that emphasizes logical flow, organization of ideas. The emphasis for this course, by comparison, is insight: those fleeting, intuitive leaps and connections most of us make at some point — magic glimpses of understanding, and even wisdom.

Within our lives that are daily we seldom capture our insights, seldom record them or explore them. Yet they make for splendid essays. Students in this program, accordingly, are trained, first, to note and record their observations that are own insights; second, to explore them by means of essays.

The difficulty with the approach that is academic

In schools, the essay is normally presented to students as a peculiar artifact for the classroom, unrelated to your outside world. Students started to understand the essay as a distressing but necessary academic chore, one properly conducted in a rigid and tedious form, just like the five-paragraph essay.

Writing Intensives

In line with this process, students usually are asked to write essays before they have actually read any.

Everything about that approach does students a real disservice. The truth is, essays play a vital role in the real world: they are the principal forum for sharing insights or discoveries or even for hashing out controversies. In just about any field of human endeavor — science, economics, history, law, foreign policy, you name it — the leaders or pioneers in the field invariably move to the essay while the medium of preference for discussing new developments out on the frontiers of discovery.
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