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13 Фев / 2020
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Might you a Nigerian wedding come july 1st or simply enthusiastic about studying their wedding traditions? The scoop is had by us on which to anticipate by way of Gee, Editor of Knotsvilla!

Therefore you’re attending a Nigerian wedding and wondering what it shall resemble? Well prepare for an optical attention catching and mind race experience!

As Nigerians, we’re recognized to a be described as a little bit “over the top”, and believe me, that is placing it really mildly. With regards to design, fashion and tradition we appear to get the additional mile in order to make a declaration. Main point here, you can’t go to a Nigerian wedding and then leave the way that is same.


Listed below are 6 things you could expect once you attend a Nigerian Wedding:

1. Double Outfits

You shouldn’t be surprised if the reception starts and also you can’t get the big wedding that is white or even the tuxedo. It is all gone! In several Nigerian weddings, the couples make an effort to enjoy both the “Western” culture in addition to their very own tradition by putting on the white gown when it comes to ceremony and traditional Nigerian attire for the reception.

Often Nigerians may also go for 2 various weddings, the traditional Nigerian wedding and the western one, which will be known as the “White” wedding. Those two festivities could even be days or months apart. The bride only wears traditional attire, either from her tribe, her new husband’s tribe or sometimes both in the traditional Nigerian wedding.

Additionally probably notice a extreme improvement in makeup products and add-ons once the bride wears the standard Nigerian attire. The makeup and accessories with the traditional attire would most likely be far from subtle, especially when the outfit is a very rich color because we are avid lovers of color.

2. Aso-Ebi

Aso-Ebi means “Family Clothes” in Yoruba, a Nigerian language. That is whenever family unit members for the couple, choose to wear colors that are identical materials at a meeting to recognize on their own.
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