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14 Фев / 2020
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Zero Down • 100% Financing • No re Payments for half a year

Save 1000s of dollars with in-house funding! United Built Homes is the ONLY on-your-site builder in the area that provides true financing that is in-house. This means you may be in the new, custom built house without investing anything in up-front closing expenses.

Some lenders charge as much as $10,000 in up-front closing expenses on a $150,000 home:

You will find often no expenses that are out-of-pocket you finance with United Built Homes. You are practically home free!

This chart is actually for example just; actual numbers will be different dependent on loan quantity as well as other factors.

United Built Homes typically does not charge origination charges. For clients needing a land payoff, an origination charge can be included on the United Built loan.

The most effective Four Methods For Good Credit

1. Preserve a healthier Credit Rating

Spend your bills on time, lower your financial obligation balances, and also make certain your credit history is error-free.

Focused on your credit? A reality for you at United Built Homes, we try to make home ownership. Each customer’s situation that is financing really assessed by our finance group. We can consider additional factors to help find a way to finance your new home because we don’t use automated underwriting techniques.

2. Keep A minimal Debt-to-Income Ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio will be your total number of financial obligation in comparison to your revenue. Always check your debt-to-income ratio now. The reduced the ratio, the higher. Car and truck loans, student education loans, and charge card balances may be huge contributors to your financial troubles load. You will need to pay down balances and prevent making big acquisitions, such as for example a car that is new prior to you attempt to fund your brand-new house.

3. Use Your Home to Your Advantage

Since you bought it, you have built up equity if you own property and its value has increased.
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