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02 Сен / 2019
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If the looked at starting your fellowship application essay is making you procrastinate in manners you are not alone that you had never imagined before. Simply starting out the most difficult elements of the process. The longer you think of it, the larger the job generally seems to grow.

Here’s some advice to those battling to have started—don’t. Yes, you heard me correctly. How you can help yourself out is to delay the writing process, only for a moment. This might be opposite to all or any the advice you’ve been given so far that touts the worth of just getting going. I’m not suggesting which you don’t get started. Rather, I suggest that you might never be willing to start writing just yet. You might nevertheless be within the research and planning phase and may allow yourself the full time to explore this area of the process.

If you’re trouble that is having started, listed here are 3 actions you can take to set yourself up to begin writing.

Comprehend the mission of this fellowship

You’ve probably found out about the fellowship you might be applying for through your school, online or through a recommendation from a friend or colleague. Whatever way you arrived as of this new dream of yours, it’s time to think about if you really understand the purpose and mission of the fellowship you will be applying for.
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