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27 Дек / 2019
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  • You can find 61 million U.S. ladies of reproductive age (15–44). 1 About 43 million of these (70%) are in chance of unintended pregnancy—that is, these are generally intimately active plus don’t would you like to get pregnant, but may become expecting when they and their lovers neglect to make use of a contraceptive technique precisely and regularly. 2
  • Couples that do perhaps perhaps maybe not utilize any approach to contraception have actually about an 85% possibility of experiencing a maternity during the period of per year. 3
  • The average desired family size is two children in the United States. A woman must use contraceptives for roughly three decades to achieve this family size. 4


  • Significantly more than 99percent of females aged 15–44 who possess ever endured sexual activity used a minumum of one contraceptive technique. 5
  • Some 60% of all of the females of reproductive age are employing a contraceptive technique. 6
  • 10 % of females vulnerable to unintended maternity aren’t presently utilizing any method that is contraceptive. 6
  • The percentage of females vulnerable to unintended maternity that are perhaps not making use of a method is greatest the type of aged 15–19 (18%) and cheapest those types of aged 40–44 (9%). 2
  • Eighty-three % of black colored females vulnerable to unintended maternity are employing a contraceptive technique, compared to 91per cent of these Hispanic and white peers, and 90% of these Asian peers. 2
  • Among ladies prone to unintended maternity, 92percent of these with an earnings of at the least 300percent of this federal poverty level and 89% of these residing at 0–149% of poverty are employing a contraceptive technique. 2
  • a lot higher percentage of married ladies than of never-married ladies make use of contraceptive technique (77% vs. 42%), mainly because married women can be almost certainly going to be intimately active.
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