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27 Дек / 2019
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But there’s one types of wedding which should be celebrated n’t. Today, about one asian mail order brides in five girls is wed before she turns 18. The United Nation’s Population Fund promotes using the hashtag #IDONT, as part of its campaign to end child marriage for Valentine’s Day.

For me personally, the objective is individual.

At an age girls must be beginning middle college, my grandmother ended up being alternatively engaged and getting married. At 11, she had her baby that is first having nine kids whom survived to adulthood. Her lost childhood was not discussed in my family though it was never explicitly forbidden as a topic of conversation. It absolutely was dismissed as just exactly exactly how things were done in Asia in those days.

In Kenya, where We presently provide, almost one in four girls marries because they are forced by their families to do so before her 18th birthday, often.

While we’ve seen progress in a few areas of sex equality, kid marriage — the most egregious rights that are human against ladies and girls — continues to be extensive.
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