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08 Окт / 2019
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A Cyclical Process

Be prepared to go backwards and forwards between these phases as you craft and hone your argument.

As an example, you may read a couple of sources, make notes, then compose a web page or two comparing them, modifying that which you’ve written before time for your sources, etc. It’s fine to lack a particular thesis and soon you’ve done your entire research; your thesis would be a results of this procedure as opposed to a precursor to it (and may mirror all your proof anyhow).

In fact, think about your paper as having a “working thesis,” a potential thesis that is susceptible to alter but can guide the introduction of the argument. Don’t forget to revise all of this the way in which through the draft that is final of paper, in light of the continued writing, research, and modification.

General Guidance

Get going early. Long documents inevitably take some time – you will be investigating, writing, and revising constantly. Doing this will make sure that you remain engaged with your ideas that you think about your project with the depth and complexity required of a long assignment, and.
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